Dog collars are incredibly important to ensure both safety and ease of mind in any situation when your dog gets loose or lost in this big world. But if they are inside is it all that important to keep your dogs collar on? Well it actually isn’t and there could also be some negative side effects that come with this. This blog is not meant to tell you not to have a dog collar on your dog at all times but merely to point out some potential reasons why it can be beneficial to reducing the overall wear time for your furry friend.


Taking a dogs collar off inside

The dog collar is a way to keep your information on your dog via tags that are attached, it also helps display any and all shots and immunizations your dog is up to date on to ensure your dog is safe to approach and handle if they are lost. This on it own is a testament to the importance and proof that we should keep utilizing them as they are effective. But at the same time many dog owners keep their dogs inside while at work or events where the chance of them running off is slim to none. Yet we still keep dog collars on Fido because we don’t want to take the time to remove it. But if removing the collar was the norm your dog might be way more happy and comfortable throughout the day.


Taking a dogs collar off inside

Dog collars are made to stay secure on your dogand are oftentimes made of rugged harsh materials that can be uncomfortable to your furry friend. Not only this but it can also lead to Skin problems down the road if worn 24/7.

Dog collars when worn in abundance can break and rub off the hair and coat around the neck exposing the skin. This is a common occurrence and can lead to skin problems due to the harshness of the collars material and the constant rubbing. Even if this isn’t the case they often lead to the deformation of hairs located where the collar is.

Imagine wearing a tight necklace made of an itchy scratchy material for a day, shoot i get annoyed at my shirts tags after one day. Now imagine doing this 24/7 for  your entire life, it doesn’t sound very comforting. Dogs have to live their life working around their collar while they sleep, eat, play, and walk. Sure it makes sense for some of these situations but for all of them? That’s just harsh.

Taking a dogs collar off inside

The final reason to remove your dog’s collar when they don’t need it is that it can get caught, sure this is not the most common occurrence but dogs have been known to be injured or worse due to their collars getting caught on something. As a kid i remember our family dogs collar getting stuck to a laundry basket and freaking out, Luckily nothing bad came of it but it just goes to show that it does happen. By removing a dog’s collar while they are indoors will prevent this from ever being a worry in the house.  


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