“This quirky new startup is quietly disrupting a billion dollar industry.”

It’s not very often you hear of companies disrupting an established industry, especially startups  With over 79% of venture capital-backed startups failing within two years, it can make you wonder how a new company can afford to make waves like this.

But here at K9 Life Improvement, we’re doing just that.

Our Startup, K9 Life Improvement, is based out of Cheyenne, Wyoming, and specializes in essential oils for pets.  Our founders have years of expertise in the field of natural tinctures, and the eccentric team we have are well versed in the use of essentials.

After receiving countless reviews and reports of the awesome and life-changing impact our oils had, we jumped at the opportunity to sit down with a representative from Natural News, for an interview. Our own Gary Cliff was there to discuss the amazing moves our company has been making.

Natural News: Well first we want to say, congratulations on your incredible success!  It must feel great as a newly founded startup to be receiving so much positive feedback from your customers.

Gary Cliff: Thank you so much!  It certainly is exciting to have this opportunity to help others and their pets.  We appreciate your team’s eagerness to interview our company and help us spread the word.  Our mission is simple; we want to help dog owners give their pets the ‘boost’ that they need to fully thrive.  Giving back to the world is what we are all about, and we are fortunate to have a platform to do just that.

Natural News: Your mission is what grabbed the attention of our team.  Most startups are so focused on their bottom line and making profits in any way possible, at the expense of the customer.  It was refreshing to hear your mission statement, and impressive that you stand by the customer 100% of the way.

Gary Cliff: It’s just easy for us!  When you and all of your colleagues are focused on giving consumers a world-class experience, it doesn’t even feel like work.  It’s what we strive for and stand by. Improve the life of canines everywhere, safe and natural. Natural News: That is remarkable, again congratulations on your early success and positive reception.  So now, the question that I think is on everyone’s mind, how did you do it? How did you discover the amazing line of pet essential oils that you carry?  And how do you offer them so cheap?

Gary Cliff: That’s a question we get frequently, and people always think there is some hidden catch, or that it is a scam.  It’s unfortunate that consumers have been preconditioned to believe that most opportunities like what we’re offering is deceptive.  Initially, our team was trying to discover cost-efficient ways to spread our brand. We had tried traditional marketing avenues, but they were not effective at all, and they were costly to maintain with such little results.

It wasn’t until our founders came up with a brilliant idea that changed the entire direction of our company.  One evening they proposed to our team via conference call that we should consider running a special promotion of our essentials.  They would be sold at a partial discount from our already low prices, and paired beside other oils that provide the strongest relief when used in conjunction with each other.

The next morning, we had our in-house apothecary begin to pair together oils from our vault, and the rest is history.  

Natural News: What do you mean by ‘When Used Together’?

Gary Cliff: Well, for a while we were offering only the singular oils.  But as we received more and more feedback on how effective our oils were, we had customers asking what more they could do to assist their pets.  Sure, the Ginger Blend can conquer problem areas on the body, but if the pain is due to anxiety, pairing that together with the Lavender blend provides relaxation all around – mentally and physically.

To put it simply, we’re making it easy for customers to know exactly what they are getting and why they need it.

Natural News: As someone who is new to the whole essential oils scene, I must say that is fascinating.  At what point did things start seeing an uptick? Surely, selling so many kits meant expenses were getting to be more of a nuisance?

Gary Cliff: That’s certainly true!  But just as our founders predicted, guiding customers down the right path or purchase, created a loyal and dedicated fanbase.  Our customers recommend us to their friends constantly, and the sharing just continues!

We can’t believe how amazing our customers are, the number of phone calls we get on a daily basis is incredibly moving.  Many of our customers call to tell us how much of a positive impact our oils have had on their pet’s life.

Natural News: You guys hit a home run!  Hopefully, this story will inspire future business owners out there to be compassionate and put consumers first before collecting a check.  Before we conclude our interview, what is next for K9 Life Improvement?

Gary Cliff: Our next goal is an ambitious one; we want to revolutionize the entire pet care industry as a whole and push other business in the industry to have the highest possible standards when it comes to sourcing their supplements.

You see, the pet supplement industry can be very cut-throat, competitive, and honestly, very shady.  Most vendors you deal with online source their products from faceless foreign factories that don’t really care about quality.

Many of the world’s essentials are impure, and the quality is low to say the most.  We want to bring the standards so high that our name becomes synonymous with quality pet care.

Natural News: It is heartbreaking that people would sell low quality supplements to pets.

Gary Cliff: Absolutely, being on the other end of the spectrum makes us feel amazing.  Thank you so much for featuring us on your site, this interview was a pleasure!

Natural News: Thank you for being a startup that cares about their customers.  Hopefully we’ll get to feature you again on our site soon!

That concludes our interview with Natural News, if you’re interested in our Revolutionary Pet Essential Oils check out our website now and get yours before supplies run out.

Next up we had a chance to speak with one of our most loyal customers who says we are starting a “powerful revolution” in the e-commerce space by putting consumers first.

I Was Blown Away!  That is what Mary Blake of Washington, MD, said when she received her K9 Essential Oils.

Mary Blake, A Retired dogwalker, was initially skeptical of the products.  “You see all these scams out there on the web.” says Blake. “And half the time they don’t even work.  But I took a chance this time, my pet dog was suffering from severe separation anxiety and stress related pain.  I was so grateful to be able to give my dog the gift of relief, thank you so much K9 Life Improvement!”

Mary Blake: “I was just flat out desperate for anything to help my best friend.  I am so happy I gave this a chance, my pet is finally able to enjoy her life again.  K9 Life Improvement restored my belief that their are genuine companies in the world who want to help people.” Said the retiree.

She says, “When I got my first bottles, I followed the instructions to the T.  I mixed the oils into water to diffuse them, and gently applied only a few drops onto the back of my dog’s collar.  After a few weeks, I could hardly believe my own eyes. It’s like my dog is a puppy again, thank you so much!”

How Exactly Did Mary Get Her K9 Essential Oils?  “Just visit their site and select which ones you want, they offer many for different doggy problems.  Just choose which one describes the problems that your pooch is going through, and they will handle the rest.  If you have any questions , you can reach out for help also. They are an incredibly friendly and devoted company, it’s great to have them on our side.”

Get Yours Today: Naturally, the demand for these incredible pet essentials is incredibly high, due to their natural and effective benefits.  We recommend getting your bottles immediately while it’s still in stock, because these fly off the shelves. Gary from K9 Life Improvement provided us with a special link exclusive to website readers, so there is a good chance that there are bottles remaining!

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