This is the tale of Shadow, my loyal three-year-old Labrador-mutt. I brought him home from the shelter a few months ago. I can honestly say he is the best friend I’ve ever had in my life. I didn’t know him last year, but I couldn’t even imagine life without him now.

Then something that made me have to face reality.

Not even two months after adopting Shadow my upstairs neighbor confronted me and threatened to call the dog warden if I wasn’t going to be able to stop Shadow from barking incessantly when I was away.

I knew I needed to find a way to help shadow feel more relaxed…and for longer periods of time.  That’s when I started researching and formulating something that could really make a difference in his attitude.

More Dogs Have Separation Anxiety Than You May Think

A short time after talking with my neighbor (she was heartless enough to suggest I take him back to the pound), I forgot my gym bag at home and had to run back to shower.  What I discovered that day really shocked me. Before I even got out of my car in the parking lot I could hear a repetitive yapping. It sounded as if shadow was straining his vocal chords to keep barking. As I walked through my door I noticed the trash had been knocked over and a chair had been torn apart.  And that was just the start.

I saw a mix of bathroom waste – liquid and solids both.  Of course Shadow had gone to the bathroom on the carpet and not the tile floor.

It was hard for me to admit that my neighbor may have had a serious grievance against me, but I knew there was an issue I needed to help Shadow with. I just didn’t know where to start. Was I being a negligent pet owner? Had this been a human child (sometimes it seems he is) would I be the ‘bad parent’? I hit the books immediately and starting doing online searches to see if there was any way I could help Shadow. Sometimes I think it was destiny that I found the information that I did….

K9 Life Improvement: Not Medication, Something Natural

The more I read, the more I understood. When I was a child it was totally normal for me to feel anxious when I left my parents to do something new for the first time (school, camp, boy scouts).  If Shadow had that same anxiety, I can understand why he would act out if he was alone. The problem is that I have a very demanding job and can’t have him with me 24/7 (as much as I might want to). Almost everyone else I knew was able to leave their dogs while they worked their day job. I assumed that their dogs must be perfect angels as they worked.

About a week after the incident I was starting to feel the pressure. The separation anxiety wasn’t any better, and my plan to try to exercise with him more didn’t seem to help. After the next incident I knew I needed to get immediate help for Shadow or consider moving to a full house (all for my rescue friend).

I was astonished when I found oils that helped Shadow. The product couldn’t have been easier to use. It made sense the more I thought about why it worked. When I have problems with my own anxiety, only one thing has totally vaporized it. Can you guess what destroys my anxiety?


Specifically, the oils from these plants:

  • Lavender
  • Frankincense


A lot of research into separation anxiety seemed to suggest a prescription medication (even valium on one!). I believe doctors are trying to do their best, but I know a lot of problems can occur when people use these drugs for long periods of time.  I can’t imagine it would be any better for a dog, and I certainly don’t want to get my dog addicted to any drugs that cost hundreds of dollars a month!

Compared against the cost of prescriptions, K9 Life Improvements oils are a drop in the bucket.  It makes sense, since there are only two natural ingredients in each bottle (the essential oil and it’s carrier oil).  NOTHING else goes into this product.

So How Do K9 Life Improvement Oils Work?

Prior to obtaining the supplies to make my first bottles, I was desperate to find something that would allow me to stay where I lived. Not only has that happened, but my life has been easier to manage without worrying about Shadows anxiety. I can even stay an hour late at the office some nights without any issues (as long as I drive home fast for her bathroom break).  Even from the parking lot, I can tell he is calm. Sometimes I like to imagine he’s in there watching the ‘Golden Girls’ and relaxing while I am at work.

Why these plants? The truth is that there is nothing new about this formula.  For thousands of years these plants have been used for these exact purposes. In 2019 we now have research to support our position that these plants can truly alleviate anxiety.

A great starting point for any stressed out dog would be to try lavender. Even dogs that are not naturally stressed could benefit from lavender at times of high environmental stress (such as flying). According to a recent study lavender could be a useful tool to help prevent dogs from moving around or barking too much.

Frankincense has long been one of the most highly revered oils known to produce a sense of well-being within humans.  Many dogs have already experienced a better state of reduced aggression by using frankincense.

Limited SPECIAL OfferK9 Life Improvement A Discount On Multiple Bottles Your purchase also helps support a great cause. Every month a percentage of sales is donated directly to the ASPCA to help prevent the euthanization of dogs and promote the successful adoption of at risk dogs. We love talking to other dog people, so please share your feedback with us!


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